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What is a Fresh 48, you ask?

Babies come in their own sweet time and many people consider birth a very private event, but they want to capture thoseView full post »

I’m still here!

So while I’m the slackest blogger around, I’m definitely still here and actively working!  It’s beenView full post »

The C Twins {Charlotte Newborn Photography}

These little pumpkins are identical twins and they really act like it too! Every time one would start to fuss, the otherView full post »

The F Twins {Charlotte Newborn Photography}

Oooooh these sweet girls! I have only photographed twins a few times, so I was a touch nervous, especially since I hadnView full post »

Birth of the F Twins {Charlotte Birth Photography}

When I first met these parents, I felt like we clicked immediately. We met over hot drinks and ended up spending over anView full post »

Catching Up {Charlotte NC Family Photography}

Keeping up with a blog is hard work. Usually, I just upload a sneak peek or two to myFacebook and call it a day! InView full post »

Birth of Baby A {Winston-Salem Birth Photography}

This was the first time I’ve ever been invited to photograph a surrogate birth. I knew it would be a giant cry-View full post »

The Birth of G {Charlotte Birth Photographer}

I think all the births I attend are special (over 120 and counting now!), but this one stands out to me because this isView full post »

Charlotte Family Photography: The S Family

This is the second time I’ve photographed this family and this time we were blessed by the most gorgeous butteryView full post »

Charlotte Family Photography: The W Family

Sometimes you just show up to a session and when you see your clients for the first time, you get excited because youView full post »

Charlotte Family Photography: The W Family

This is my dear friend Amy and she has one of the most gorgeous families on the planet. Can she make some cute kids orView full post »

Charlotte Family Photography: The M Family

I LOVE shooting in Fall, the leaves make everything seem more magical!View full post »

Charlotte Family Photography: The S Family

I would love to hire this mom to style all my shoots, she did such a great job picking out outfits for her family! WeView full post »

Charlotte Newborn Photography: Baby G

What an amazingly sleepy boy, he barely woke up the entire time! The theme for his nursery was Where the Wild Things AreView full post »

Charlotte Maternity Photography: The M Family

I loved this session so much! It was gray and dreary all day and I was worried we might need to reschedule if the skyView full post »

Charlotte Family Photography: The D Family

I’ve been shooting this family for years, since before their middle son was born. We became fast friends and soView full post »

Charlotte Family Photography: The S Family

This session was so much fun! The parents were celebrating their ten years of wedding bliss, so we wanted to make sureView full post »

He’s 1!

I’ve been photographing this guy since he was in the womb, it’s so exciting that he’s already one!View full post »