Family & Maternity Pricing





  •  Approximately an hour at an on-location site of your choice
  • 30-40 fully edited, high resolution digital images, either via disc or optional online gallery download
  • License agreement that allows you to print at any size, share online and with friends and family
  • Session fee is due at time pictures are taken
  • Cash is preferred, personal checks and paypal also accepted


What Makes the Best Images?

The trick is to just enjoy the time we spend together, cuddle with your loved ones, get down on their level, and enjoy the day and the fun of it all. Try to stay away from pressure or bribery and when you see your kid looking directly at me or the camera, step back and give me space to interact.  Eye contact with other people or the camera make for the best pictures, so I try to dissuade anyone from standing behind me to distract the kids from looking into the camera.  Some kids are shy and need more coaxing than others and that’s a great time to step in and help sing or tickle.  I want everyone to be relaxed and to really enjoy one another.

Especially when it comes to couples and spouses, I think it helps if you make a list right before of all the things you love about each other and then keep that fresh in your mind as we are doing the pictures. It’s so easy for me to look at my husband and be reminded that he is forever leaving his dirty socks on the floor, but in those moments, it helps to remember that he is the best at fixing anything broken, that he cried on our wedding day, and that he’s the great love of my life.  I can fuss about the socks afterwards 😉

I like doing a mix of portraits and candids. I like kids being kids. I like seeing people snuggle. I like real smiles. I like goofy jokes. I want to know what YOU like and what makes your family tick, so we can make sure to make your picture session relaxed and capture you best.

What Should We Wear?

You will find out when you meet me that I’m not fashion inclined at all.  I should probably be officially forbidden to give style advice!  Here is what I do know: I tend to stay away from white tops (they seem to make a glow in black and white and can make skin look gray), I also shy from really bold and busy prints as they pull the eye away from the subjects. I love layers, accessories, and coordinated clothes that aren’t too uniform.  Most of all, I want your family to be dressed as a true reflection of you!


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